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Point and click adventure game, escape puzzles in paintings!

Made in two weeks for the $105 Adventure Game Jam, with the theme "An Escape".

  • Made with Unity, BitBucket, and Adventure Creator.
  • All art made specifically for the jam.
  • All music composed for the jam and studio recorded with a live cello.
  • All SFX recorded for the jam.
  • First 4 days working on overarching story.
  • Two of us with access to the Unity project, designing the logic and implementing assets.
  • 25 builds made until submission. Multiple builds shared daily for iteration and feedback.
  • 3 blind playtests at the end of week one.
  • Team split across 4 time zones. 1 daily call and the rest through Discord.
  • Used simple Google Sheets to communicate work and progress.
  • Used brainstorming for concept and game name, puzzle dependency diagram to develop puzzles, high concept formula to develop story.


  • Painting with Chocolate by
  • Cook County Jailhouse by Font Monger


Stuck In A 30 MB
Stuck In A Frame 38 MB

Install instructions

Official version is for Windows. MacOS and WebGL for convenience.

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